Good eating is always one of the main attractions of travel, and travelers in Taiwan can discover the very best of Chinese cuisine from tradition to modern, and the most authentic Taiwanese street food.

It is well known that more than 70% of Taiwan's population is Southern Fujian immigrants, and it's also why cuisine in Taiwan adopted the flavor of Southern Fujian. But as time goes by, the different way of cooking and use of ingredients made Taiwanese cuisine different from where it originated. One feature of Taiwanese cuisine is, when cooking, people used less oil and more herbs and spices. This way of cooking make Taiwanese cuisine lighter and more flavorful. Also, because Taiwan is rich in fruits, fruits into dishes is also a feature of Taiwanese cuisine. In addition, since the culture of Taiwan gradually combined with Japanese, Chinese, Western and Taiwanese local culture, nowadays, Taiwanese cuisine has been mixed and innovated, containing flavors of these countries.

When you travel in Taiwan, if you have never tasted any of Chinese cuisine, you can start from Xiao long bao, Beef noodles, and Sesame chicken; if you have already tasted Chinese cuisine, you still can start from Xiao long bao, Beef noodles, and Sesame chicken. As long as you try, these delicacies guarantee you would have an unforgettable experience.

One of the quickest ways to experience the local flavor of Taiwan is to follow the locals, visit the night markets, and eat around all the tempting and mouth-watering street food. Moreover, because Taiwan is an island surrounded by the sea, seafood is also a major ingredient of night market street food, with addictively fresh and tasty. If you likes to be the early adopter, you must try the world-famous Stinky tofu, Bubble tea, and Taiwanese fried chicken. And if you love seafood, you can’t miss Oyster omelet, Oyster vermicelli, and Fried or grilled squid.

Food is definitely an indispensable part of the Taiwan experience, and must try sample each of these unique dishes while you travel to Taiwan.

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