Taiwan's Precious Outlying Islands

If you are looking for somewhere that you could see bluer skies, clearer sea water and more beautiful remote picturesque villages than you’ve ever seen in other places, then you could not miss these outlying islands where have not been discovered by the mass travelers. Each island offers different environmental conditions to satisfy your needs for various activities, such as sightseeing, snorkeling, or sport fishing, entertaining your eyes and enrich your mind.

Kinmen and Matsu have the oldest villages with rich legacy of war struggles.

Kinmen and Matsu are termed as the outpost and frontlines during the Chinese Civil War, as a result it keeps possessing unique battlefield scenery. It also has large numbers of buildings and merchants’ mansions which were built in the traditional southern Fujian-style, giving it a rich ancient atmosphere.

Lanyu, or Orchid Island, Taiwan’s furthest landscape with the deep charms of most primitive Tao tribe people living off the sea.

Most of the appeal for tourists to visit Lanyu is indigenous cultures exploration: major celebration, Flying Fish and Boat Launching Festivals, which is held annually at each spring and traditional heritage; and semi-subterranean houses, which are the pride of every household. Fishing and farming is still the basic economy of the island. The most important staple food is fish; from the fields come both wet and dry taro, sweet potatoes, yams, and millet. Lanyu is a quiet and peaceful place for relaxing and enjoying its timeless rhythms.

Ludao and Penghu are both surrounded by the perfect sand beaches with seawater hot springs and world-class coral reefs of Asia.

Ludao, also known as Green Island, is a volcanic island where winds blow and waters eat away at the rocky coast all year round, creating a beautiful and diverse coastal landscape. Diving or snorkeling is well known the most popular activity in Ludao, due to the spectacular underwater marine life amid the coral of its shoreline. In addition, bathing in the Zhaori Hot Springs - natural saltwater hot spring is also popular. It's a where travelers can listen to the sound of the surf, enjoy the sunrise, or watch the stars.

The Penghu archipelago is made up of 90 small islands with a combined coastline. The islands are also havens for great variety of water sports such as sailing, sea kayaking, fishing and snorkeling. Another Penghu’s attraction is the rich and unusual local snacks such as dried squid, brown sugar cakes and peanut candy.

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