The various festivals combined with Taiwanese unique celebrating passion and fervor, is one of Taiwan’s greatest attractions. Most of festivals are closely related to people's daily life and fall into the following categories: Traditional Festivals, Temple Festivals, Aboriginal Rituals and New Festivals etc. Examining Taiwan's festivals closely, you could discovery the throb of Taiwan's culture. Through join these galas for in-depth chances to get in touch with locals.

Our ancestors preserve many of the Han's time concept and ritual culture according to the seasonal changes and experiences in daily life. With hundred years of evolution, these traditional festivals have been the most important seasonal rituals among Chinese people. The custom of celebration for festival not only shows the Chinese people's deep-rooted culture and humanistic characters, but also offers the occasion to consolidate relations between family members.

Throughout the year, there are lots of temple festivals or religious rituals would be held, such as the birthday of the gods and the ceremonies of Taoist fairs – pray for peace and prosperity from northern to southern Taiwan. Temple festivals are transmitted in accordance with people's folk belief, and play a role of significance in historical inheritance. Through joining these fairs, travelers can comprehend the diverse characters of Taiwanese beliefs, art, and humanity. The best way to experience uniqueness of the tribes of Taiwan is to attend one of the amazing aboriginal annual rituals, which are still celebrated regularly or irregularly in accordance with their traditions at different times throughout the year. Fascinating tales and intriguing meanings lie behind every ceremony of different aboriginal tribes clad in colorful headdresses and costumes, performing their traditional cultural characters through dances and songs.

Most new festivals are created based on sightseeing and leisure, and they have become the key developmental factors of regional characters from the community construction, and the integration of regional cultural characters with natural resources. Such as Spring Scream, Taiwan Cycling Festival, hot-spring festivals, etc. The rise of the newly developed festivals offer travelers to experience the different parts of Taiwan and enhance Taiwan's international image.

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