One of the best parts of traveling Taiwan is having the opportunity to discover the island’s special interest on a deep and meaningful level. Whether you’re moving to the country or just visiting for a quick trip, most unique and vibrant culture are absolutely fascinating experiences that you certainly can't miss during your stay.

Drink Traditional Tea

Tea is a historic part of Chinese culture, and the traditions still hold true in Taiwan. Try tea picking, tea making and share spirits of drinking tea in the plantations. Smell the aroma, sip a cup of soothing tea, listen to birds chirping in the woods, and enjoy the diverse and beautiful tea fields slowly, quietly.

Let's bike, two wheel challenge

Having a fun-filled bike-riding experience is a good choice for both a short bicycle touring holiday and a part of a longer Asia tour. If you want to adventure, try to reach the mountains and cycle to one of the cross-island roads. If you want to take it a little easier, stick to biking on the quiet roads of East Taiwan coast. Overall, biking in Taiwan can be as easy, or as difficult as how you want it to be.

Amazing pre-wedding photo shooting

Taiwan’s everlasting natural beauty and blessing group of family and friends have witnessed countless couples exchanging their heartfelt vows. Come to Taiwan with your other half for an unforgettable romantic pre-wedding photo journeys.

Round-island rail

Taiwan railway offers an endless variety of experience, and the scenery along the way provides an infinite range of fascinating landscape. If you want to get a close look at the island's beauties without having to suffer the unfamiliar roads and the frustrating of traffic congestion, you can do nothing but choose a railroad tour, immersing yourself in the delights of enchanting coastlines, awesome mountains, placid farmlands, and engrossing countryside.

Having meals at theme restaurants

Taipei is the home to some of the cutest theme restaurants around the world, including venues featuring Barbie, Hello Kitty and even all things related to toilet. Surprisingly, you'll normally find more adults than kids here, they pose for photos and have dates.

Strolling around night market

Typical Taiwanese snacks can be found everywhere in Taiwan, particularly in Taiwan's night markets. Each night market has its own traditions and characteristics, and they are the places where these snacks can be found in abundance, including stinky tofu, oyster omelets, bubble tea, and squid on a stick. Try these snacks, and you will be able to learn more about different specialties, cultures and people from different areas, adding a whole new perspective to your journey.

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