Now, Taiwan is more prepared than ever to welcome Muslim travelers to vacation in because it has been working to create a Muslim-friendly environment in recent years to diversify its tourist base.

Muslim travelers from all over the world start to visit Taiwan, which was helpful in exploring Taiwan and knowing about Muslims of this land for them. In addition to the Taipei Grand Mosque, there are also many mosques in the major cities of Taiwan, such as Taipei Culture Mosque, Long Grand Mosque, Taichung Mosque, Tainan Mosque and Kaohsiung Mosque. Taiwan Muslims spent many years and big money to build these mosques. These mosques are important places for native and expatriate Muslims for praying and social gatherings.

Besides, one of the major steps taken has been to grant Halal certification to identify restaurants and hotels as trustworthy establishments that serve food in compliance with Islamic dietary requirements. It’s very easy to find out some Halal dining places mainly serving South Asian cuisine in cities. Taiwan is also one of the world’s most vegetarian-friendly destinations, so when being in doubt and unable to locate a proper Halal restaurant, Muslim traveler can also try out the island’s delicious vegetarian fare.

Our in-depth understanding of the lifestyle, behavior and specific needs of Muslim travelers has enabled us to ensure our clients identifying the right approach and effectively appeal to the hearts and minds of the Muslim travelers. Also, with so many of historical, cultural, natural and modern sights, it’s no doubt that Taiwan should be put in your individual’s bucket list. Contact us to get more information you’ll ever need to travel to Taiwan!

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